Cakes You Can Trust

There are so many bakers out there who can all create wonderful cakes in Surrey. So why should you pick me?


Reason #1 – Start-Up Business, Not a Hobby

Cake decorating used to be a hobby for me, but it isn’t any more. I have an undergraduate degree in business and management (and a postgraduate degree in HR) and I plan to build the business year-on-year using everything I know – financial management, marketing, customer service etc.. This means that every cake and customer is important to me, as are my skills and abilities, and I take your experience very seriously so if you are looking for a professional experience and quality cake, then I’m the decorator for you.


Reason #2 – Good, Honest, Quality Service

It’s as important for me as it is for you to have a complete picture of how your cake’s costs have been structured, as well as any delivery information and what the actual cake will look like! Every customer receives a ‘cake specification’ – this acts as both your quote and cake design. This contains delivery information such as dates and addresses, as well as a breakdown of the costs so that you know what you’re paying for, and how much. It also notes down flavours and cake sizes. The most important information in this document is the design section. This could be a sketch that I have produced, design inspiration in the form of photos of wedding dresses/flowers/other elements, or may also have images showing other cakes you have seen from my collection or wider on the internet. It reassures you that I have understood your brief, and it is my bible in the kitchen! When it comes to creating your cake, if it’s not perfect, it doesn’t leave my kitchen. It’s as simple as that.


Reason #3 – Delicious, Exciting, Responsibly Sourced Flavours

As well as aiming to provide top quality service, I also make sure that my cakes are well flavoured and only use responsibly sourced ingredients. In terms of flavours, I only use natural and authentic flavours – fresh fruits, zingy curds, real alcohol and no artificial flavourings. In terms of ingredients, I will only use British butter and free-range eggs. I am forever expanding the flavours I offer, so if you can’t see something you’d like – just ask!


Reason #4 – 5 * Cakes in Surrey

When I started my company back in October 2015, the first job on my list was to organise a visit with the local council (Surrey Heath). Not only is this legally required, it is also proof of my commitment to running a top quality business. As part of this visit, the council are looking at 3 main aspects of what I do:

  1. How hygienically food is prepared/stored/cooked
  2. The condition of my kitchen (i.e. cleanliness, layout of sinks/fridges etc.)
  3. How well I keep records

Underlying all of that, the council needs to be confident in my knowledge and abilities, to make sure they are happy for me to sell cakes in Surrey and it’s clear from my 5* rating that they were. I have been in catering since I was 16, completing a number of food hygiene courses as well as advising others on best practice. I keep to strict, regular cleaning schedules and ensure that when cooking, very high standards are maintained.


Reason #5 – Limited Company

Love from lila xx is a limited company, registered with Companies House. Its finances and business is separate from myself, so you can be assured that everything is ‘legit’ and ‘above board’! I complete tax returns on my earnings and the business makes its own separate submissions to HMRC/Companies House. When submissions are available, you can see these on the Companies House website.


Reason #6 – Business Insurance

Another important factor for me was ensuring that I had appropriate insurance in place. Whilst I do not have public liability insurance, I do have an insurance policy in place which protects all of my equipment/ingredients should something happen. This means that even if an expensive piece of equipment breaks, it will be replaced, ensuring that my business can continue and there will be no impact on my customers.

Love from lila xx - Food Hygiene Rating

I am currently based in Bagshot (near to Camberley, Chobham, Farnborough, and Woking in Surrey/Hampshire) and Feltham (near Richmond, Twickenham, Virginia Water and Walton-on-Thames in Surrey/London). I may also be available to deliver further afield – please just ask!


As well as selling cakes in Surrey (and surrounding areas), I am also available for cupcakes, cookies and other yummy bakes!


Love from lila xx - White Wedding Cake


Love from lila xx - Blue Wedding Cake