About Love from lila xx

Hi – my name’s Lara! By day, I’m an aspiring HR Consultant – hey, I heard you groan then because I said HR! – but in the evenings and weekends, I spend my time as a baker running Love from lila xx. I have been baking for over 14 years now, something which started with rock cakes for my grandad (helped of course by my nan) but that has since grown into a much more serious passion, and now second career. Instead of rock cakes, I can be found making slightly more complex wedding, birthday and other celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies for paying customers! That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my humble roots however. I can often be found in the kitchen whipping up a batch of scones for a special occasion (I’m talking Mother’s day and sunny weekend afternoon teas) and alongside the 14 Christmas cakes that I baked and decorated, last Christmas saw no less than 75 mince pies leave my kitchen, all complete with homemade mincemeat! Since moving back home after university, I’m even baking again in my nan’s kitchen – it must be fate, surely?

When I’m not at my day job or baking, I can be found trawling Pinterest for the newest trends and ideas, or watching YouTube videos to learn and develop new techniques – I’ve estimated that I spend approximately 12 hours every week doing both of those things. That’s nearly 2 hours every day! I have to admit, I am new to professional baking so you’ll find that lots of my designs are more simple than some of the amazing creations that are being made by other local bakers. However, if you’ve seen my waistline, you’ll trust me when I say that my cakes aren’t any less delicious than everyone else’s. I’ve eaten a lot of cake and it’s my promise to you that my cakes taste delicious and will look amazing at any celebration. If you’re wondering whether I’m able to make the design you have in mind, please do always ask. I will always be honest if I think that another baker might have more experience with a particular technique or style. I’m also a notorious perfectionist, and I hold myself to very high standards. Any cake that leaves my kitchen has to be my best, or it won’t leave my kitchen until it is!

Lara @ Love from lila xx

Lara at Love from lila xx