How to Order a Wedding Cake

Like most of my couples, you probably haven’t had to order a wedding cake before. You might not have ordered any bespoke cake before. So my aim is to walk you through your journey with me, from browsing my website to your wedding day.

Get to Know Me

Spend some time browsing my website and social media. Look at the cakes I make and the way that I work. There are lots of pages and blog posts to help you with your planning journey – from figuring out how much wedding cake to order to planning a beautiful wedding cake. If you like my style and approach, fill out my enquiry form to see if I can help.

See if I’m Available

From your initial enquiry, I will know if I can help you. I’ll look at your date, venue and wedding cake ideas to see if I’m available and a good fit. If you’re looking for a buttercream wedding cake with heavy decorative piping and lots of gypsophila, then you might have already guessed that I’m not a good fit. If you’re looking for a foodie inspired flavour menu and/or nature inspired designs that are also eco-friendly, then I’m definitely a good fit! When I reply to your initial enquiry, I’ll provide some high level information about how I can help you, and let you know how to take the next step.

Book a Consultation

If my diary is free and I think I can help you, the first step I will recommend is to book in for a wedding cake consultation. I run consultations a few times a month to help us plan your wedding cake. These happen face-to-face at a local venue, like Aviator (Farnborough) or Foxhills (Chertsey) with samples of your favourite flavours from my menu. When I reply to your enquiry, I’ll provide a link for you to book your wedding cake consultation with me.

Help Me Get to Know You at a Consultation

I want you to love your wedding cake. For its beauty, its flavour and for achieving both of those things whilst doing a little good in the world. Most importantly, I want you to trust that I can do this for you. At your consultation, we’ll get to know each other even better and talk about your wedding plans. These conversations will help me to design a wedding cake especially for you. After the consultation, I will be able to create your personal wedding cake brief. The brief will capture design, inspiration, flavours, wedding details and pricing to help you decide if you want to order a wedding cake from me.

Review Your Wedding Cake Brief

As we go through the steps above, I will be building ideas and inspiration into your brief. About a week after the consultation, I will send over your wedding cake brief full of every detail we need to capture. Your wedding cake brief is rarely complete at the beginning. We often make tweaks to the design or update the inspiration pictures as you start to book in other suppliers. We will continue to update this brief in the months leading up to your wedding (e.g. with delivery time). I will also use this brief in the kitchen and when delivering your cake, to ensure I create the wedding cake of your dreams. If you are ready to order a wedding cake from me, the brief will let you know how to pay your deposit.

Order a Wedding Cake From Me

Once you’re ready to book, it’s a quick and simple process. Your wedding cake brief will outline your deposit and installment amounts, as well as the relevant bank account details for payment. Once you pay your deposit, your wedding cake is fully confirmed in the diary. Another tick on your wedding to do list! Over the months leading up to your wedding day, we’ll keep in touch as details are finalised. Around the time that your final instalment is due, I’ll also get in touch to confirm on-the-day details like who your wedding coordinator is at the venue. Typically, after our last email confirming details, we won’t speak until after your wedding day.

Your Wedding Week

During the week of your wedding, I will be working to create your cake. Everything is freshly made in the week leading up to your wedding, from sponges to fillings and in some cases, decorations too. There’s a little behind the scenes for semi-naked wedding cakes here if you’re curious about the details! On the day, each of your wedding cake tiers is transported to the venue to be stacked and decorated. When it’s finished, I’ll ask your designated contact to sign for the cake and I’ll provide them with a handover pack. The handover pack contains details on storing and cutting the cake, as well as flavours and allergens. Finally, after what feels like forever, it will be time to cut your cake and share it with your guests. It’s one of the last moments in your day, and will be (as the saying goes), the icing on the cake! You should have no shortage of guests asking where they can order a wedding cake like yours!