Luxury, award-winning, eco-friendly wedding cakes in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, London and beyond

There are three aspects of your wedding cake that will matter to your guests – appearance, flavour, and sustainability. They might not matter equally to everyone. And they might mean slightly different things to every person. But if your wedding cake offers all of those things, your guests will remember it for years to come. It will be the one that every future wedding cake they eat is compared to. Every one of my wedding cakes is designed with these aspects in mind.


Luxury means delivering the very best in appearance and flavour. The first time you and your guests see your wedding cake, it should make you say ‘wow’. It should stand out from its surroundings yet blend in perfectly. The design should be personal to you and your wedding. It should be flawless and it should be too beautiful to cut. When you first taste your cake, it should make you say ‘wow’. It might only seem like a simple combination of butter, sugar, eggs and flour, but it should be full of flavour. That comes from sourcing the best ingredients available like organic British butter, Fairtrade sugar, local free-range eggs, and British flour. And using real fruit, spices and ingredients to flavour the cake.


In 2015, I set out to create wedding cakes in an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable way, without compromising on luxury. So that you can enjoy your wedding cake knowing that you’re doing your part.

  • I carefully select ingredients to ensure as little harm as possible is done to humans and animals. In some cases, they even contribute towards positive impacts too.
  • I continually improve my processes and packaging to reduce my reliance on resources like plastic, carbon and water. The rest of my carbon is offset, supporting local community projects.
  • I actively support local and international charity work through my purchases, time and donations.
  • Finally, I operate the business and its finances as ethically as possible – paying myself and suppliers fairly and promptly, avoiding unnecessary debts, and interpreting the spirit not just the letter of the law of financial and company reporting.

Love from Lila exists to create beautiful wedding cakes in Surrey and the surrounding counties, and do a little good in the world too.

Fondant Wedding Cakes in Surrey - Leonardslee Gardens - Love from Lila

Fondant Wedding Cakes

Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes in Surrey - Rivervale Barn - Yateley - Love from Lila

Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes

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