Award-Winning Celebration Cakes in Surrey, Hampshire and Beyond

I offer celebration cakes for all occasions – baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, engagement cakes – and everything in between. For me, when you order a cake for a friend or relative’s celebration, you’re ordering a custom gift. We’ll work together to design something that they’ll love, we’ll pick their favourite flavours, and it will be a one-of-a-kind cake that gets made freshly for them. I often only take on one cake a week, so their cake really does get my full attention, and no two cakes are ever identical.


If you’re looking for luxury celebration cakes and edible gifts in Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire, I can help you create something perfect.

Luxury, Sustainable Designs for Celebration Cakes in Surrey

Semi-Naked Cake with Fruit Drip
Semi-Naked Cake with Yellow and Orange Fruit/Flower Decorations

As you may have noticed from my website, I specialise in luxury cakes that are sustainable too. For me, this means reducing waste and picking seasonal decorations, so you won’t see much fondant used on my cakes. I prefer to create simple but dramatic semi-naked (unfinished) cakes that focus on flavour and natural decorations.

I don’t offer set designs, but I do have a particular style, so you’ll notice that all of my semi-naked cakes are decorated with fresh fruit and/or flowers, as well as a few other types of decoration:

  • Torched meringues
  • Fruit compotes
  • Gold and silver leaf
  • Dried flower petals
  • Herbs
  • Dried fruit slices
  • Sprinkles

There’s some information below about pricing, but this style of cake is the most cost effective option for a luxury birthday cake. It’s also a real showstopper! I do offer chocolate ganache or fondant cakes too if you’re looking for something extra special.

Typical single tier celebration cakes feed about 25 people. They are made freshly a few days before your event and have a shelf life of around 4 days from baking. If you book a party cake for a Saturday celebration, I’ll bake on Thursday night or Friday morning, and it will still be delicious by Monday/Tuesday. Any cake leftover can be frozen and saved for a rainy day!

Cupcakes for Celebrations

If a big cake doesn’t suit your celebration, or you just need a few extra slices, I also offer 2 sizes of cupcakes – minis and standards. These are available to order in multiples of 12 and are packaged in gift boxes with windows.

These are a much cheaper option as they take less time to make, so are great for everyday celebrations. You can get a little more creative with decoration for cupcakes as they don’t need to be structurally stable, so they can be filled, topped with compotes, and all manner of different icings.

Cupcakes will be baked the day before your celebration and are best eaten on the day or the day after your party.

Other Gift Options

I post out my wedding cake samples once a month to couples considering me for their weddings. However, these boxes are the perfect gifts for someone celebrating something special. They are sent directly to your door, containing 4 slices (8 servings) of my award-winning cakes, gift wrapped in a luxury box, with a personalised hand-written note. You can order them directly online – please see the page for details on the next box’s release.

If you’re looking for a selection of edible gifts, I also make these luxury gift boxes to order. They contain a selection of handmade marshmallows, chocolate truffles and macarons. These too are gift wrapped in a luxury box, posted to the recipient’s door, with a handwritten note.

Alternatively, you can order your favourite treats to be delivered by post or collected locally. Some of my favourites to make are marshmallows, macarons, scones, tarts, cookies, and meringues.

How much do celebration cakes cost?

Slice of Birthday Cake - Vanilla Cake with Purple Blackcurrant Buttercream
Semi-Naked Cake with Pink and Yellow Dried Edible Flower Petals
Enquire Now

It takes a surprising amount of time to create a cake, from picking the design, to making the cake, decorating it, and delivering it. Not to mention all of the things that need to happen to run a professional business and kitchen – buy ingredients, wash up, buy equipment, manage accounts, pay for a website.

The easiest way for me to still create fairly priced luxury cakes is to keep it simple. I’m not here to convince you to spend more than you want to, I’m here to help you design the best cake I can for the budget you have. So we’ll start with your budget and a rough idea of what you’re looking for (cake, cupcakes, treats) and explore the options. For cupcakes and treats, I have a minimum order value of £55, and for cakes, it’s a minimum of £125.

For cupcakes and treats, £55 will usually mean 2 or 3 different items, like 2 boxes of 12 standard cupcakes, or a box of 12 standard cupcakes + a box marshmallows, or a box of 12 mini cupcakes + a box of cookies + a box of meringues.

For a cake, £125 is around the average price for a simply decorated semi-naked cake to serve 25 people. It will be filled/covered with an indulgent swiss meringue buttercream and topped with fresh fruit and/or dried edible flower petals. For a more extravagant semi-naked cake, with a torched meringue top, fresh flowers, fruit, fruit compotes etc., the price will be closer to £145. Chocolate ganache cakes start from £135 and fondant cakes start from £160.

I don’t charge differently for wedding cakes, so if you’d like some more detail on pricing, especially for tiered cakes to serve 50+ people, the pricing information on my wedding cake page will be really helpful. For all cakes, delivery will start to increase the price quite quickly, however, delivery to postcodes in GU14 and GU15 are my lowest at £0-10.

I don’t charge extra for different flavours, so it’s a really simple process to order – you contact me via the enquiry form, let me know some details (like date, delivery location, cake/cupcakes, # servings and budget), and any other notes like the flavour and decorations you’d like. I’ll then reply to you letting you know what’s possible with your budget and other details. I often give you a couple of options too. If you’re happy, you’ll confirm any other details and let me know which option(s) you liked, and I’ll draft up a formal cake specification for you. This is the same as all of my wedding couples receive, so it’s a very professional and thorough document. It will show you your cake design, your celebration details like date and delivery location, size/servings/flavour of your cake, and let you know when payments are due and how to pay. As soon as you’ve paid your initial deposit, your cake is fully confirmed in the diary!