I know that ordering a bespoke cake is something new for most people, so it can be a bit daunting and you’ve probably got lots of questions! I’ve pulled together the most common questions that I get asked so that you can learn more about me and how I work, before you enquire. You can filter this page by a few different categories, which should hopefully make things a bit easier for you to navigate. If you can’t find the answer to something here, please get in touch. So here they are, my celebration and wedding cake FAQs… 

Are all of the photos on your website of cakes you’ve made yourself?2021-01-03T17:28:18+00:00

Definitely! I do have a mixture of dummy cakes and real cakes that are photographed on my website, but I do not use photos of others’ cakes. If you have questions about a particular cake or want to see photos of a particular type of cake, please let me know and I can send some through. I do occasionally use stock photos, or photos of other cake designers’ cakes to demonstrate techniques, finishes or inspiration that I don’t have my own photos of in my specifications, but I will always make sure you see images of how my cakes look so you know what to expect.

Are you a ‘legitimate’ company with relevant training, registration and insurance?2021-01-03T17:26:47+00:00

Absolutely. I hold my level 2 food safety and hygiene certificate which means I’m really clear on preparing, cooking and storing food safely, including understanding allergens and labelling. My kitchen is registered with Surrey Heath council, has been inspected and given a 5* food hygiene rating, which can be verified on their website here. I also hold public and products liability insurance, covered up to £1m, and I can provide certificates and documents to verify all of these aspects, if required.

I run a limited company, which means it’s registered with Companies House. I submit my accounts and pay all relevant taxes owed. You can check this information online too.

I consider myself to be a professional cake designer, who goes above and beyond the minimum requirements so that you can trust me to deliver on your big day.

Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians? Are they suitable for vegans?2021-01-03T17:17:03+00:00

Most of my cakes are entirely suitable for vegetarians, including those who follow vegetarianism more strictly and don’t want ingredients prepared using animal by-products. However, there will be some flavours that may not be suitable. If you want an entirely vegetarian cake, please let me know when you order and I will make sure the flavours and decorations you pick are vegetarian friendly!

I can certainly make vegan cakes, including swapping 1 tier of your wedding cake for a vegan alternative or adding vegan cupcakes to your order. If you’re interested in vegan cakes, cupcakes or other treats, please let me know when you enquire and I can talk through the options with you.

Can anyone order a cake gift box, or is it for wedding couples only?2021-01-03T17:24:33+00:00

They are open to anyone, for any reason – birthdays, I love yous, wedding cake samples, Friday treats. You can order them for yourself or send them to a friend or family member. And honestly, the best reason of all is that they’re packed in a luxurious box, with delicious flavours, so it’s a great cake gift box to send whatever the message. As you can order directly through the website, you don’t even need to talk to me first if you just want to see what my cakes are like! If you’d like to add a gift note, just add your note into the comments box when ordering. Otherwise, I pen my own simple ‘please enjoy’ message.

Can I collect my cake from you? Will that reduce the cost?2021-01-03T16:57:23+00:00

You can collect 1 and 2 tier cakes, as well as all cupcake and treat orders directly from me. It will certainly reduce the cost for you, especially if you live a little further afield. We’ll pre-arrange a cake collection time, and I’ll provide my address to you – this will either be in Farnborough or Camberley, depending on when you want to collect. You can collect yourself, or ask a trusted family member/friend to collect on your behalf – just let me know when we arrange your cake collection. If you’re transporting the cake, I’d definitely recommend reading my other FAQs about storage and travelling with cake.

In some circumstances, we can also arrange collection from a halfway point.

Unfortunately, 3+ tier cakes cannot be collected from me as I would never travel with these stacked. These are delivery only. However, the pricing for delivery is always quoted upfront including upon your initial enquiry, and you will find lots of the guide pricing on the website includes local delivery. Therefore, you can make your decision to book based on the complete price, with no surprises later.

In some circumstances, we can also arrange cake collection from a halfway point.

Unfortunately, 3+ tier cakes cannot be collected from me as I would never travel with these stacked. These are delivery only. However, the pricing for delivery is always quoted upfront including upon your initial enquiry, and you will find lots of the guide pricing on the website includes local delivery. Therefore, you can make your decision to book based on the complete price, with no surprises later.

Can we pay a deposit for a date and organise the cake later? Are our dates ever reserved? When is our date firmly booked in your diary?2021-01-03T15:56:59+00:00

I don’t accept a deposit to hold a date, but we don’t have to fully decide everything upfront if you think some details might change or you’d like a little flexibility to change your mind. I informally hold dates for customers that enquire. With weddings, it’s quite simple, once you book your consultation, I hold the date for you from the date we book in your consultation until the end of the 21 day period after your quote has been sent. With celebration cakes, I informally hold your date from when you ask for a formal quote until the end of the 21 day period after your quote has been sent. I may still take other bookings for your date, but only ones that I would take on if I knew you had already booked. If someone enquires for the same date but their booking would be the main one for that weekend instead of yours, I wait until you’ve decided.

When you decide to book, you would be paying a deposit which is based on your actual cake’s design and value. Your date is firmly booked in the diary once your initial deposit has been paid.

The reason I set a time limit is that you have ‘first refusal’ for your date, and whilst you’re deciding, I may turn away or lose other customers wanting to book the same date. If you then choose not to book, I have lost other bookings, so I like to minimise the amount of time when I am turning away other customers based on a potential booking. It’s certainly not because I want to rush you – we can always extend this time if you need!

Can we taste your cakes before booking?2021-01-03T16:44:30+00:00

I don’t offer free samples of any of my cakes unless you meet me at a wedding fair (I often bring samples to these!). However, there are three ways that you can try my cakes before ordering.

Firstly, I have wedding cake samples by post that you can buy online. I try and rotate the flavours, but also capture base sponge and buttercream flavours (e.g. vanilla, chocolate, lemon) so that you get to sample your exact wedding flavour, or as close to it as possible. I usually offer these once a month. The dates and flavours will be posted on the page above, and stock released in the week before postage date. It’s a completely normal online order process – add to basket, add shipping details, pay online and receive cake by post! You don’t need to have enquired with me in advance, these wedding cake samples boxes are open to anyone to purchase, wedding couples, families celebrating other events, and people wanting to celebrate at home. The cake samples in the box would be the same ones you receive whether you order a wedding or celebration cake. I make everything the same way, and have all flavours on offer for all occasions.

Secondly, you could order a smaller cake for another birthday, or even choose some cupcakes and treats to order. That way, when it comes to your big celebration, you know that you’ll love everything you order! This would just be a normal celebration enquiry, so you can choose the flavours and design that you’d like, and you’d receive a cake specification like you would receive for any celebration or wedding.

Finally, if you live locally, I also do face-to-face consultations. There’s more detail on this page about the wedding cake ordering process. For this, you can choose up to 4 flavours that you’d like to try. Alternatively, if a face-to-face consultation doesn’t work, I can also drop wedding cake samples off to you. This option would include a box of 12 mini cupcakes, in 3 flavours of your choice, plus a vanilla with jam flavour. Great if you really want to taste the exact flavours, but don’t need to taste them as ‘wedding cake slices’. These would be different to the wedding cake sample box, which contains 4 slices of cake, completely identical to the slices you would receive for a wedding cake (same height, same number of layers, fillings in the right ratios).

Do we have to pay in instalments? Can we pay everything upfront? Can we pay early?2021-01-03T16:54:58+00:00

You don’t have to pay in instalments at all! You can absolutely pay for everything upfront if you’d like to get it all ticked off. It won’t affect how much money would be retained vs. refunded should you change or cancel your order. I’m always guided by the different deposit/payment amounts and dates, and these correspond with how much work has been done or how many materials have already been ordered. So even if you pay everything upfront, then cancel more than 3 months before the event, so long as I’ve only done minimal admin and work at this point, you would get most of the money back. So it’s likely that both 40% payments would be returned, and the amount that may need to be forfeited would be around your 20% deposit amount.

To see more detail about my payment terms, please take a look at this FAQ.

Do you deliver?2021-01-03T15:30:36+00:00

I offer delivery on all of my orders. For smaller cakes, cupcakes and treats, I generally advise that you collect your order as it will keep your costs down. However, I can certainly deliver locally to GU14 and GU15 for a really low cost. I can deliver further afield around Woking, Guildford, Richmond, Kingston, Godalming, Wokingham etc. for a small cost, and beyond too for a slightly higher cost. I have also on occasion met clients halfway to reduce this cost. For typical 2 and 3+ tier wedding cakes, most of them will need to be set up at the venue, so collection isn’t possible. But you can have a look at my celebration cake and wedding cake pricing pages for an indication of costs including local delivery (up to about 12 miles). The furthest I’ll deliver is about 1 hour away from GU14, which is a big patch, covering London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and West Sussex. When you enquire about your cake, I’ll always consider delivery costs in any figures quoted, and in your official cake spec, you can see how much delivery costs, and we can discuss options if needed.

Here’s my guidance on delivery costs.

Do you have a minimum order value?2021-01-03T17:49:56+00:00

Yes I do. Unfortunately, if I take on smaller orders, I’m just not able to cover my admin costs and adding that cost onto orders pushes the price beyond the normal range. So I have a minimum order value for smaller cupcake/treat orders of £55 and for cake orders, it’s £125. I’ll always be upfront with you about what we can achieve within your budget, and making sure you get the best value for that amount. However, minimum order values don’t apply for purchases from the online shop, so if you’re looking for a smaller gift, these are perfect!

Do you make GF, DF, vegan etc. cakes?2021-01-03T17:05:21+00:00

I do offer a limited menu for gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan cakes. However, I do not advertise myself as an allergen free baker as my kitchen will never be allergen free. What I can offer are allergen free options for people choosing to avoid certain ingredients, rather than people who are allergic to certain ingredients. I will also never make an entirely allergen free order e.g. a 3 tier wedding cake. If you or some of your guests need an allergen free option, then we can certainly discuss swapping 1 tier of your cake for an allergen free option, or even adding some allergen free cupcakes. If you need an entirely allergen free wedding cake for people with serious allergies (rather than preferences) then I highly recommend that you speak to a specialist cake designer. Please also note that my gluten free cakes are not nut free.

What I can say though, is that the gluten free and vegan (also dairy free) options that I do offer are so delicious that customers look at me as if I’ve given them a normal cake, and need a little reassurance that it really was allergen free!

Do you make novelty birthday or wedding cakes?2021-01-03T15:25:43+00:00

I have a very specific style – a very naturally inspired and organic style – so I am generally looking to create cakes like this. However, I will on occasion take on a novelty cake if I think I can do it justice and make it unique. If you have a novelty cake in mind, please do send me an enquiry through, and add a link to your Pinterest board so that I can check out what you had in mind. I’ll be honest with you if I can take it on, and if I can’t, I can usually recommend another cake designer or two who can help!

Do you take on last minute cake orders?2021-01-03T15:23:41+00:00

It depends on what you’re ordering! For basic orders like cupcakes or treats, I can generally accommodate these within a week. For smaller celebrations (1 tier cakes for birthdays or weddings), I need at least 2 weeks’ notice. For more typical wedding orders, e.g. 2 and 3+ tier cakes, I need at least a month’s notice. These are all minimum guides. The more complicated the design, or the more customisation you’d like to discuss, the more time we’ll need. If you want to know if I can help, please do send through an enquiry and I’ll let you know what I can do.

How and when do we pay for our cake?2021-01-03T16:47:02+00:00

There are 3 payment instalments applicable to orders, due at different stages in the process. A 20% deposit to confirm your cake order, a 40% payment due 3 months before your event, and another 40% payment due 6 weeks before your event. I’ve staggered in this way, as these times represent the milestones when I do different pieces of work or order in different materials, in order to make your cake. It also means that everything is paid and finalised before the last few weeks which I know can get intense!

  • If your event is less than 6 weeks away, the full amount is required in advance to confirm your cake order.
  • If your event is less than 3 months away, your payments are made in 2 parts. The 20% deposit and 40% due at 3 months before are payable to confirm your booking. The final 40% is then due 6 weeks before your event.
  • If your event is more than 3 months away, the payments are made in the 3 parts. So you have a 20% deposit to confirm your cake order. Then the next 40% is due 3 months before the event. And the final 40% is due 6 weeks before the event.

Your booking is only ever confirmed in my diary once the relevant deposit payment has been made.

When you receive your cake specification, you’ll see payment details in the later pages. I also detail the deposit/payment amounts and due dates, so you can pop them in your diary. I do usually ask for a bank transfer, and those are the details that you’ll find in the cake specification. However, I know that not everyone is comfortable with this, so if you would prefer to pay another way e.g. Stripe invoice, then I can set that up. I don’t generally accept cash, and don’t have a card reader so can’t accept direct card payments.

If you’d like to pay everything upfront, you’re more than welcome to do so. This won’t affect how much money you will still need to pay vs. be entitled to as a refund should you cancel or change your booking. The different deposit/payment amounts and dates would still apply, and generally indicate how much money could be lost at each stage of the process, based on how much work has already been done.

How big are your cakes? How big is each slice?2021-01-03T17:11:43+00:00

Each of my cakes are just over 6” tall, unless otherwise stated. They will then range from 5” to 11” generally, depending on how many cake servings you need (= how many people +/- a buffer). There are 4 layers of cake inside and 3 layers of filling. And in your cake quote, you’ll see the number of cake servings that I advise and provide cutting guides for. These are based on 1” x 1” square slices of cake (not traditional wedges!) which are ideal for weddings and big parties where you’ll be providing food or other treats. If you are having a smaller celebration, then you may want to assume each cake will provide ½ the amount of cake, giving you 2” x 1” slices instead. If you take a look at my postal wedding cake samples, the rectangular slices that you receive are the larger 2” x 1” size. This would serve 2 people for wedding cake slices and big events, or just 1 for smaller celebrations.

How do I store the cake when it arrives?2021-01-03T16:11:13+00:00

None of my cakes should ever be refrigerated unless I let you know at handover. Only in the most extreme Summer temperatures will this be necessary. They should be stored in a cool room – so in the Summer you’re looking for somewhere colder than average, and in Winter you’re looking for somewhere warmer than average. You basically want a room temperature that will keep the inside sponge just perfect, but also be cool enough not to melt any buttercreams. I’ll provide the cake to you in a covered box, so it’s really just a case of putting that in a cool place, out of the reach of children and animals. You’ll find cake storage instructions specific to your cake in the handover pack that I provide with every cake.

How far do you deliver?2021-01-03T17:51:52+00:00

I will deliver any distance, as long as my diary is free and it would be feasible to do so for your particular cake. However, it is chargeable, so the closer your event is to Camberley, the less this will add to your final cost. I most commonly deliver within a 1 hour radius of Camberley. For practical purposes, I generally advise that I deliver across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, as well as South and West London. I then also cover the very edges of places like Wiltshire (Eastern side, around Andover), Oxfordshire (Southern side, around Henley-on-Thames and Oxford), Buckinghamshire (Southern side, around Aylesbury and High Wycombe), Hertfordshire (Southern side, around Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St. Albans), Kent (Western side, around Sevenoaks) and East Sussex (Northern side, around Forest Row).

With items ordered from my online store, e.g. wedding cake samples, these can be posted anywhere within the usual zone 1 Royal Mail postage area – so mainland England, Wales and Scotland. Unfortunately, they cannot be posted to the Highlands, Islands or (Northern) Ireland.

How far in advance do we need to order?2021-01-03T15:28:44+00:00

The earlier you enquire, the more likely it is that I will be free. It also means you have more time to discuss your ideas and enjoy the process, rather than rushing through it. So I recommend reaching out as soon as you can. The ideal timeline for a small booking (cupcakes, treats or a 1 tier cake) is 3-4 weeks. The best timeline for a typical wedding cake order is at least 2 months. Although most couples book at least a year in advance. I always have my diary for the following year open, and then open my diary for the year after next in Q4. So when 2021 starts, I have my 2021 diary open and 2022 diary open. I won’t open my 2023 diary until after September 2021.

Here’s my guidance on minimum lead times.

How is a wedding cake different from a celebration cake?2021-01-03T17:32:07+00:00

There is nothing that I do differently for a wedding cake than a celebration cake, except for offering a more in-depth consultation process for weddings. I do offer consultations for celebration cakes, but this tends to be a shorter phone call, rather than a longer video call or face-to-face meeting. In terms of the cake that you receive, every cake is made to the same standard, and I don’t use different ingredients for different types of events. So if you’ve really loved a birthday cake from me, this is exactly what a wedding cake would taste like too. My cakes are priced based on the amount of time it takes me to make them, so the larger the cake or more extensive the decoration, the more I charge. I don’t add surcharges based on particular events, however, wedding cakes will often come out a little more expensive than a celebration cake of the same size, because it involves slightly different work – delivering to the venue, more luxurious decorations, more admin time to manage the booking. There is a myth that suppliers add extra costs when they hear the word ‘wedding’ but this isn’t the case, it’s purely based on the extra work we know is involved in making your day special and helping you along the way. Fundamentally, I charge the same for weddings and celebrations as they’re the same cakes!

How long will our cake last?2021-01-03T16:39:57+00:00

I recommend eating your cake as soon as possible, however, the cake will still be at its best 2 days after the event if it’s been stored in an airtight container or wrap. If you still have some left at this point, I’d recommend slicing and putting into the freezer. The cake will still be edible after this point, but will deteriorate quite quickly. This applies whether it’s a semi-naked cake or fully covered cake. With cupcakes, I recommend eating them on the day, or the day after. They will be passed their best the 2nd day after your event.

How much do your cakes cost?2021-01-03T15:33:10+00:00

Every cake is priced individually depending on size, design, and delivery. If you have a budget in mind, I will always work to that. As a very approximate guide, a box of 12 mini cupcakes will be £18 and a box of 12 standard cupcakes will be £30. A simple, 6” celebration cake will be around £125. You can find some more detailed information about celebration cake pricing on this page. Finally, the average 3 tier semi-naked wedding cake delivered locally is around £450. If you’d like some greater detail about wedding cake pricing, including prices for different numbers of tiers, and for semi-naked vs. fondant cakes, there is more information on the wedding cake pricing page. As a general rule, you can expect to pay between £3 and £7 per person for a slice of cake – the larger the cake, the lower the cost per person, the smaller the cake, the higher the cost per person. It’s also worth noting that I do have minimum order values – for smaller cupcake/treat orders, this is £55, and for cake orders, this is £125. Minimum order values don’t apply for products sold through the online shop, so these are great options if you’re looking for a smaller gift.

How much does delivery cost?2021-01-03T17:51:12+00:00

I work out delivery costs based on three things – the time required for me to set up your cake at the venue, my time driving to and from the venue, and my mileage expenses to and from the venue. For local deliveries, in the GU14 and GU15 area, it’s usually no more than £10. For deliveries up to ~ 25 minutes away (~ 18 miles) form Camberley, it will be in the region of £20 – £50. For deliveries further afield, up to ~ 55 minutes away (~ 45 miles), it will be in the region of £50 – £120. For deliveries outside of this area, it will be £120+. I always include this information in your initial estimate and final quote so you can understand how your final cake cost is calculated before you confirm your booking.

With online orders, this will be shown at checkout, and covers the cost of the relevant Royal Mail postage option. This can be upgraded if you need a quicker service, just get in touch.

I am getting flowers from my florist to add to the cake. Do you add them or does the florist?2021-01-03T17:02:08+00:00

Unfortunately, I cannot use flowers from your florist for a few reasons. Firstly, the flowers that are available commercially in the UK are grown using heavy amounts of chemicals to ensure maximum crop yields. Information about which chemicals are used is not available, and so you have no way of knowing that the flowers from your florist are safe to be next to food. In most cases, they chemicals should absolutely not be next to food. They are also dangerous to wildlife and insects, which I actively avoid when sourcing for my business. Additionally, as flowers are not grown to decorate cakes, they are not handled in a food safe way and could be contaminated with all kinds of chemical, human and other materials that would make them dangerous to be next to food.

A big part of my business is about curating the decorations to make a beautiful, naturally inspired cake for you, so unfortunately, I do not offer undecorated cakes for you to decorate yourself.

However, I have my own preferred flower supplier, Deborah at Bramshill Flowers, who allows me to buy flowers by the stem (which makes it cheaper for you), which are grown in a chemical free, animal and bug friendly way. They are grown locally in Hampshire and picked freshly the morning I collect. Between Deborah and I, we also have a good understanding of what varieties are non-toxic and edible, which means we only use flowers that are safe to be near your food. I have spoken to many florists over the years, and knowledge of food safe vs. toxic flowers is not something everyone has. Working with Deborah, I know the flowers I have selected can absolutely be placed next to food as they’re food safe and non-toxic.

If you want to learn more about flower options for your wedding, I have a blog post here, and a detailed blog post here about what flowers to decorate your wedding cake with.

I need to serve # people, how many tiers do I need?2021-01-03T17:22:31+00:00

I don’t detail cake servings and tier sizes on my website as it depends on a number of factors. However, as a guide, a 1 tier cake serves up to 35, a 2 tier cake serves up to 70, a 3 tier cake serves up to 135, and a 4 tier will give you around 200 cake servings. If you’d like more tiers than you need, I can add dummy tiers. If you’d like less tiers than you need, we can use cupcakes or cutting cakes to ensure you still serve everyone. This is something that we’ll talk about during your consultation/ordering process, so don’t worry too much about it now! If you do want to read the pros and cons of getting more or less cake servings than the # of guests you have, check out this blog post.

I’ve never ordered a bespoke cake before, what makes them different from one I can get in a supermarket or bakery?2021-01-03T15:35:40+00:00

There are three things that make a bespoke cake different from supermarket/bakery cakes – they are personalised, they are baked freshly, and they are baked individually. In most cases, they will also have a much better finish – smooth sides, sharp corners, symmetrical, level. Personally, I go even further, using environmentally-friendly, ethical, sustainable, or luxury ingredients, materials and processes to create some of the very best quality cakes you can find in the area. Supermarket and bakery cakes can be perfect for lots of occasions as they are very affordable and have a long shelf life. A bespoke cake from me is individually baked, to order, in the days before your celebration. There are no assembly lines speeding up the process, so it takes a lot longer to make, and that’s reflected in the price. But it also means that your cake can be completely personalised to your favourite flavours and design, with the attention to detail that will give you an absolutely beautiful, perfect cake in the end. It absolutely should taste different, and better than a supermarket cake. It’s almost like the best homemade cake you’ve ever tasted with added extras. Perfect for extra special occasions.

The other difference you’ll notice between a bespoke cake and supermarket/baker cake is the size. A supermarket or bakery cake will be anything from 2-4 inches with 2 layers inside. A bespoke cake will be anything from 5-7+ inches tall, with 3-4 layers inside. My cakes are at least 6 inches tall, and have 4 layers inside – meaning 3 layers of delicious filling sandwiched between 4 really moist sponges.

Finally, aside from a better quality cake, you should also receive a more personalised service. Supermarkets and bakeries often have set designs, at set prices and sizes, that are collected from them. With a bespoke cake, you will have much more interaction, you’ll talk about what flavours and decorations you want, and you’ll often receive a custom sketch of the cake you’ve designed together too. The size, price and design will be completely custom to your order, you’ll receive a personalised quote to reflect that, and you should feel special. You’re paying for a personal service, so if you’re not impressed by the service you receive whilst enquiring, don’t book! Find someone who is interested in your celebration and wants to create something beautiful for you.

I/we love your website and would like to make an enquiry. What happens next?2021-01-03T15:42:56+00:00

The best place to start is my enquiry form – it captures all of the details I’ll need to see how I can help you. When you send through an enquiry, I’ll reply to you within 3 days with an idea of how I can help within your budget. I’ll also let you know what the next steps are if you’re happy with what you read in my initial response. This is usually jumping on a quick call for celebration orders, or thinking about a consultation/tasting for wedding orders.

What allergens are in your cakes?2021-01-03T17:15:20+00:00

Each cake will be slightly different, and cake allergens are noted in detail in the handover pack. However, all cakes contain gluten, dairy and eggs, unless otherwise agreed. And chocolate cakes will contain soy. Certain flavours may also include nuts, peanuts, sulphites and sesame seeds. If you have any allergies, intolerances, or ingredient preferences, please let me know when ordering so that I can advise accordingly.

I do have some allergen free options, which I’d be delighted to tell you about. There’s also a short FAQ here that will provide some more information on my gluten free, dairy free, vegan and other options.

What happens if I need to cancel my cake?2021-01-03T16:58:52+00:00

The reason my cake specifications are so detailed is because I make sure you have all of the information you need in one place. This includes my cancellation terms, which reflect your consumer rights as set out in law and best practice.

Ultimately, the law protects you as a consumer, and me as a business, from unfair losses. So the earlier you cancel, the better as I will have done less work and will have more time to re-book that date. If I haven’t ordered any special ingredients, nor made anything, and have enough time to book another cake in, then I’ll just be looking at how much admin time I’ve spent on your order, and this will be around your deposit amount. The closer to the date you cancel, the less likely it is that I will be able to refund very much. In the worst case scenario that you cancel your cake the day before, all of the work will have been done, and you would not receive any refund. However, you could of course still have the cake. If I am able to resell the cake, then any money I made from that sale could be returned to you.

This applies whatever the reason, there are no separate rules for COVID cancellations. However, where cancellations are the result of legal restrictions, e.g. lockdown, the CMA guidance is very clear that most if not all payments should be refunded.

What happens if I need to change my order or move my date?2021-01-03T17:00:29+00:00

It very much depends on each individual circumstance, but the rules are similar to cancellations, as you are essentially cancelling the original contract and creating a new one. Again, this is all detailed in the Ts & Cs in my cake specification. So the earlier you make changes, the better. Where I can, I will try to accommodate changes without additional costs, but if the changes will cost me more money or I will lose money, then I will need to increase your price. However, this would be communicated to you before you ‘accept’ the changes (new contract). If you’re happy, great, we just adjust everything. If you’re not happy with the additional costs, then you can cancel your order altogether in line with the cancellation terms above.

What happens if we’re unhappy with the cake when it arrives?2021-01-03T17:03:40+00:00

You’ll find some information in the Ts & Cs of my cake specification on this topic, and they follow consumer law and CMA guidance, but in short…

You need to let me know as soon as possible that there’s an issue with the cake, and you may need to return it to me so that I can understand what’s happened. My first response will be to fix the issue if I can or replace the cake. If I have provided you with a faulty cake (e.g. inedible, not structurally sound) and I cannot fix it or replace it, then you will be entitled to a full refund (including the cost of you returning the cake to me).

However, if the cake is not to your taste, you don’t like it when it arrives, or you have not transported or stored it correctly and it has therefore deteriorated, then unfortunately, I am not able to give refunds.

What happens on our wedding day?2021-01-03T15:59:14+00:00

I don’t see most of my couples on their big day (sorry!) as you’ll be far too busy getting ready. However, I’ll work with your designated friend, family member, stylist/planner or venue coordinator to make sure your cake is set up as promised, on the stand, in the right room, at the right time, and that all paperwork is handed over. This person will also usually be the one to sign for the cake. The venue handles most details like providing a stand and cutting knife. They will also take the cake into the kitchen to be cut, plated and shared out once you’ve cut it. I recommend cutting into the lowest real tier (usually the bottom tier, but may be one or two above if you’re using dummy tiers). And my best advice is to make sure you hunt down a slice of cake before your guests get hold of it! If your venue are really helpful, ask them to save a slice of each flavour for you both and send it up to your room for a midnight snack. After all, you’ve picked the cake that you two like best so you should be the ones to enjoy it!

What happens when we collect our celebration cake/cupcakes/treats?2021-01-03T16:42:06+00:00

In the week leading up to your celebration, we’ll agree a time slot for your cake collection. It will be boxed up, ready for you to transport. I will also have put it in the fridge for an hour or two before cake collection so that it is nice and solid when you transport it to the event. I’ll ask you to sign to say you’ve received the cake and you’re happy with it. I’ll also provide you with cutting guides and storage/allergen information. Cakes and cupcakes, and anything else that needs to be kept flat, should always be placed in the boot of a car, flat, where nothing could roll into or onto them. If you have a non-slip mat, put it underneath the cake for extra support. When you need to carry the cake, place your hands either side of the box and reach your hands underneath the board at the bottom so that you’re holding the bottom and sides at the same time. This will help you to balance it, as you need to keep it level. Treats are less delicate and can often just be placed in your lap or on a seat. Take it easy on the road, don’t accelerate or brake harshly, take corners slowly and make sure it’s not too hot in the car. When you arrive home/to your event, the cake needs to be stored at room temperature unless it’s a scorching day. Check out the cake storage FAQ if you’d like more detail!

What happens when we receive our cake specification/quote?2021-01-03T15:55:10+00:00

Your cake specification contains all of the information you need to make a decision about booking with me, and to confirm that booking if you’d like to. It covers details about your event (date, location, delivery/collection, time), your cake (sizes, flavours, design), the price (broken down so you can understand how I came to that price), deposits and payment information, and the Ts & Cs that apply to the booking. The cake quote is valid for 21 days – this gives us a date to check in and see what you think. If you’re happy, the quote contains payment information so you can transfer your deposit. If the quote is almost perfect, but needs some tweaks, then we’ll work through those until you’re ready to book. If I’ve really missed the mark, and you don’t want to work with me, that’s absolutely fine, just let me know. And if you need a little extra time, that’s fine too, just let me know!

If I don’t hear from you, especially after I’ve sent a follow up email, I won’t hassle you, but I may assume that you weren’t interested and take other enquiries for your date. If you come back to me after the 21 days, and my costs have changed in relation to the cake quote already sent, I may adjust the price to reflect these changes.

What is a wedding cake consultation? Do we have to have one?2021-01-03T15:52:36+00:00

A wedding cake consultation isn’t necessary at all – we can design your cake via email or just a short phone call, if you’d like. However, I find it really helpful for my couples and I to get to know each other and for you to ask questions. In terms of designing your cake, it also makes my job really easy, as we’ll talk about different designs, share pictures and just discuss options that you like and don’t like. The consultation usually takes about 45 minutes over video call, phone call or face-to-face. During the call, we’ll introduce ourselves, talk about your wedding plans and then start to talk about flavours and designs for your cake. Some couples arrange their cake consultation for the weekend when wedding cake sample boxes are sent out, and others have the consultation before or after tasting the cake. It’s a really flexible process! By the end of the call, I’ll usually have a design idea in mind, which I’ll then shape into a formal sketch and cake specification. I’ll send this over about 7 days after the call. You are under no obligation to book a cake with me at any point, so if you didn’t think I was a good fit for your event after the cake consultation or quote, you can just say ‘thanks but we’d like to look at other options’.

What makes you a luxury cake maker?2021-01-03T15:39:00+00:00

There are two aspects that make me a luxury cake maker – the cakes I make and the service I provide. In terms of the cake I make, the quality of the inside of the cake has to be matched with a beautiful outside. So I have sourced the very best (in quality and sustainability) ingredients, and developed the right recipes and methods to make sure that the inside of my cakes are the best you will ever taste. Everyone can make a cake, after all it is just a simple combination of butter, sugar, eggs and flour. But when done right, it can be incredible – enough to make you say wow! I take flavour so seriously, that I hold a Great Taste award for my vanilla and blackcurrant cake (with vanilla sponge being the foundation of many of my flavours).

You can also expect a high level of service from me. I only work on a limited number of celebrations and weddings every year, because I want each one to feel special. When you first enquire, I’ll be really upfront with you about how I can help. When we get to quote stage, you’ll receive an incredibly thorough and transparent cake specification which contains the size, flavours, design, cost and Ts & Cs. I want you to trust that I’ll create exactly what we’ve talked about, and I want you to understand the contract that we’re making. Lots of previous customers have commented on how helpful, reassuring and professional this document was! Finally, on the day, you/your venue receive a handover pack with storage, allergen and cutting information so that you can get the most out of your cake.

What makes you an eco cake / sustainable cake designer?2021-01-03T15:40:51+00:00

There are a lot of different ideas about what makes a cake environmentally-friendly or sustainable. If that’s something you are looking for, I would always recommend asking questions of your cake maker, and being clear about what your most important factors are e.g. food miles, plastic free, animal friendly, planet friendly. I go into much more detail on this page and this blog post, but I select ingredients that are animal friendly (organic British butter = high welfare standards, truly free range eggs from a local farm = high welfare standards), Fairtrade (sugars = fair pay + reinvestment in communities), responsibly sourced (chocolate and vanilla = fair pay + encouraging sustainable community development) among other things. With processes, I’ve worked to reduce single-use plastic and food waste. So my recipes and cooking processes reduce doming (= less cake cut off top), I store cakes without cling film, and avoid using piping bags and disposable gloves or use biodegradable options, and bulk buy cleaning fluids like washing up liquid to put into reusable dispensers. When decorating cakes, I avoid plastic like toppers and dowels, I avoid any non-organic materials like wires, and generally try to encourage customers to pick decorations that are edible or will biodegrade quickly like fresh flowers. The fresh flowers that I do source are pesticide free, grown locally, and are definitely bee friendly!

What payment methods do you accept?2021-01-03T17:29:56+00:00

When ordering from the website, you can choose to pay directly with a card – it’s all secure, and uses Stripe payment processing – or you can do a bank transfer. The details will pop up on the final page if you choose that method.

When paying for wedding and celebration orders, I ask that you payment by direct bank transfer. It’s much easier as I can put my bank details in your cake specification, and it also saves me a little bit of money. However, I know that not everyone wants to pay this way. Therefore, I can also set up a Stripe invoice and you can pay me through the Stripe website, so again it’s all secure and automatically tracked.

I don’t generally accept cash, and don’t have a card reader so can’t accept direct card payments.

When do you bake our cake?2021-01-03T16:00:58+00:00

It depends on the cake and decoration. For cupcakes, I will always bake the night before. For semi-naked cakes, I generally bake on a Thursday, ice and decorate on a Friday and deliver on a Saturday (adjust that accordingly if your event is on a different day!). For fondant cakes, I tend to bake on a Wednesday, ice on a Thursday, decorate on a Friday and deliver on a Saturday (again, adjust depending on event date). Your cake is never frozen, which means you can freeze any leftovers that you have. The timelines I work to also mean that you get a fresh cake every time.

Where are you based?2021-01-03T17:53:21+00:00

My kitchen is based on the Camberley / Bagshot border which means I’m really local to places like Frimley, Farnborough, Aldershot, Blackwater, Sandhurst, Yateley, Bracknell, Ascot, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Chobham, Knaphill, West End, Brookwood, Woking, Bisley and Pirbright.

However, I live close to Farnborough, so am also quite convenient to places like Heckfield, Hook, Finchampstead, Eversley, Hartley Wintney, Farnham, Badshot Lea, Tongham, Guildford and Worplesdon.

With wedding cakes and larger celebrations, I tend to work with a much wider area, up to about a 1 hour radius of Camberley. You can see more detail on that in the FAQ about how far I deliver.


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