Coronavirus and your Love from Lila Wedding Cake

The current Coronavirus situation is causing a lot of stress and worry for couples. Even my own wedding in August is currently reduced to a tentative booking, so I completely understand what you’re thinking. Honestly, as a nation we don’t have any clear advice at the moment, so you’re probably just as unsure as we are. You might have questions like: should I cancel my wedding, should I postpone my wedding, will suppliers refund us our deposits, will suppliers let us cancel our wedding plans? Each supplier will be different, but I can tell you that most of us will try and be as accommodating as we can. I would not want any couple to miss out on a wedding cake. So as well as flexing to help my existing wedding couples, if there are any couples organising a last minute wedding in the UK, I am here to help!

My Current Situation

  • Unlike some wedding cake makers, I do not anticipate having any serious supply issues. I only work with a limited number of couples every year (so don’t need huge amounts of ingredients) and keep critical items in stock anyway. So far, I have not seen any interruption with the ingredients I need to buy
  • I tend to work from home anyway (in both of my careers) so my social interactions are limited and I am not in an at risk category, so I hope not to contract the virus nor be hard hit if I do
  • As required by food safety laws, I maintain high levels of personal and kitchen hygiene. I will continue to keep a close eye on cleaning schedules and if there are any opportunities to further increase cleaning/hygiene practices, I will take them
  • Of course, I will keep myself updated about national guidance and make changes as relevant. If that changes my ability to deliver your wedding cake, then I will keep in touch
Love from lila xx - Weddings and Coronavirus

Existing Wedding Cake Orders

  • I expect to be able to deliver your wedding cake should you go ahead with your day – I have been keeping myself as safe as I can, and maintaining hygiene in the kitchen
  • If I do have to self-isolate, I will reach out to a community of my peers (quality, trusted wedding cake friends) to see if they are in a position to help and keep you updated
  • If you decide to postpone your celebration, I will try my best to accommodate those changes (which means relaxing my normal Ts&Cs). Initially, I would be happy to allow you to move the date to another within an 18 month period – if the date is free in my diary, then we can make those changes. I am happy to be flexible as to when you can make that decision – allowing you to make that call up to the 14th day before your wedding (see below for under 14 days). I expect to keep your prices exactly the same, but if there is a significant shift in pricing during that 18 month period, I will liaise with you to manage any additional costs
  • If you later decide to bring the date forward again, I will have to deal with each couple’s request individually based on date availability, amount of work done to accommodate the change already, etc.
  • The tricky balance – a wedding cake must be made at least 3 days in advance (and some decorations even earlier). I typically purchase ingredients and materials at least 7 days in advance so in some circumstances, last minute date changes may be challenging and might incur the costs of those ingredients. Therefore, if you are within the 14 days before your wedding and you decide to postpone your wedding, I will need to deal with each situation individually (based on your wedding cake design, purchases made at the time, etc.). However, I will always liaise with you to manage those costs (as proactively as I can)
  • Cancellations – the wedding industry is being very reassuring in the current circumstances. In most cases, postponement is the best response to the situation. For most people, there is absolutely no reason to cancel your wedding. After all, you’re going to need something to look forward to when this mad situation is over! If you feel that cancellation is the best solution for you as a couple, I will have to deal with that request on a case by case basis
Love from lila xx - Dramatic Wedding Cakes

New Wedding Cake Orders

  • So long as my current situation remains the same, and national guidance allows me to, I will continue to take on new orders for wedding cakes in 2020 and 2021
  • I recognise that some flexibility will be required as circumstances continue to develop and so Ts&Cs will be temporarily relaxed. This will include more flexibility to change dates and different deadlines for payment. On top of that, there are different ways we can plan for your wedding, including using dummy cakes for display and photos, but fresh cutting cakes to be eaten. This means if the wedding does need to be rescheduled at late notice, no food is wasted and your dummy wedding cake can be displayed later
Love from lila xx - Semi Naked Wedding Cakes

I hope you all understand the position I’ve taken and are reassured that we’re in this together. If you are getting married later in the year, please be reassured that you can still book your wedding cake with me. I’d love to organise some wedding cake sample boxes to go out later in April, and host digital consultations, so get in touch if you’d like to be on the list for these. If you have already booked your wedding cake with me, we will ensure that your wedding is fantastic when it happens.

If you need help sourcing suppliers for a last minute wedding, or need any other help or advice. Please do ask! I’m here to help. If you’d like to keep updated more generally, here are a few sources I’m keeping an eye on:

Stay safe and happy planning…

Love from lila xx