I do offer a limited menu for gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan cakes. However, I do not advertise myself as an allergen free baker as my kitchen will never be allergen free. What I can offer are allergen free options for people choosing to avoid certain ingredients, rather than people who are allergic to certain ingredients. I will also never make an entirely allergen free order e.g. a 3 tier wedding cake. If you or some of your guests need an allergen free option, then we can certainly discuss swapping 1 tier of your cake for an allergen free option, or even adding some allergen free cupcakes. If you need an entirely allergen free wedding cake for people with serious allergies (rather than preferences) then I highly recommend that you speak to a specialist cake designer. Please also note that my gluten free cakes are not nut free.

What I can say though, is that the gluten free and vegan (also dairy free) options that I do offer are so delicious that customers look at me as if I’ve given them a normal cake, and need a little reassurance that it really was allergen free!