There are 3 payment instalments applicable to orders, due at different stages in the process. A 20% deposit to confirm your cake order, a 40% payment due 3 months before your event, and another 40% payment due 6 weeks before your event. I’ve staggered in this way, as these times represent the milestones when I do different pieces of work or order in different materials, in order to make your cake. It also means that everything is paid and finalised before the last few weeks which I know can get intense!

  • If your event is less than 6 weeks away, the full amount is required in advance to confirm your cake order.
  • If your event is less than 3 months away, your payments are made in 2 parts. The 20% deposit and 40% due at 3 months before are payable to confirm your booking. The final 40% is then due 6 weeks before your event.
  • If your event is more than 3 months away, the payments are made in the 3 parts. So you have a 20% deposit to confirm your cake order. Then the next 40% is due 3 months before the event. And the final 40% is due 6 weeks before the event.

Your booking is only ever confirmed in my diary once the relevant deposit payment has been made.

When you receive your cake specification, you’ll see payment details in the later pages. I also detail the deposit/payment amounts and due dates, so you can pop them in your diary. I do usually ask for a bank transfer, and those are the details that you’ll find in the cake specification. However, I know that not everyone is comfortable with this, so if you would prefer to pay another way e.g. Stripe invoice, then I can set that up. I don’t generally accept cash, and don’t have a card reader so can’t accept direct card payments.

If you’d like to pay everything upfront, you’re more than welcome to do so. This won’t affect how much money you will still need to pay vs. be entitled to as a refund should you cancel or change your booking. The different deposit/payment amounts and dates would still apply, and generally indicate how much money could be lost at each stage of the process, based on how much work has already been done.