A fondant wedding cake is the most sophisticated option you have. It takes years for a designer to learn the skills to create a perfect fondant cake – smooth sides, sharp edges, completely symmetrical. And it takes many hours to bake, stack and make the decorations for your wedding cake. So this is the most technically challenging style and therefore most expensive option. However, it is a very traditional, regal and elegant option which works beautifully with mansion and historic type venues.

Tell us more about having a fondant wedding cake…

There are three main elements to a fondant wedding cake – the cake, the ganache and the fondant. There isn’t anything different that happens for the cake if it’s being covered in fondant, so you’ll find everything you need to know on my wedding cake flavours page. It’s essentially 4 layers of cake with 3 layers of filling. Once this is all stacked up, the cake is covered in something called chocolate ganache. Chocolate ganache is a combination of chocolate and cream that is stable at room temperature, sets firmly but is soft when eaten. It’s exactly what you find in the middle of chocolate truffles. Most of the time I use milk chocolate ganache, but sometimes also use dark or white, depending on the situation. Finally, once those layers are perfectly smooth, I cover the cake with fondant. Fondant is a soft paste made of sugar which is rolled out, like a dough, then draped and smoothed over the cake. It’s also known as sugar paste or ready to roll icing. It looks very smooth and dries on the outside giving the cake some protection and allowing designers to use techniques like stencilling, hand painting and some textured effects.

If you’d like to read more about when fondant wedding cakes are the best fit, how suited they are to hot Summers, and the type of venues and designs that work well, then please head over to my blog.

What styles of fondant wedding cake do you offer?

I work with every couple to design a wedding cake that suits them and their wedding, but there are of course some styles or techniques that I am really good at and find myself re-creating in different ways for couples. So these are some of the most common styles and techniques I create on my fondant wedding cakes:

  • Stencilled designs
  • Printed icing sheets
  • Metallic / lustre tiers
  • Moulded decorations like bas relief, appliques, flourishes, pearls
  • Royal icing piped details and monograms
  • Edible lace
  • Wafer paper textures
  • Gold/silver leaf
  • Fresh/silk/sugar flowers
  • Coloured techniques like watercolour washes, dusted colours, airbrushing
  • Textured / coloured effects with sprinkles, pearl balls, sugar


I tend not to take on hand painted wedding cakes or novelty wedding cakes as they’re not my style nor specialty! However, I can often recommend another cake maker that may be suitable, so please do send me a message if you need some help.