In the week leading up to your celebration, we’ll agree a time slot for your cake collection. It will be boxed up, ready for you to transport. I will also have put it in the fridge for an hour or two before cake collection so that it is nice and solid when you transport it to the event. I’ll ask you to sign to say you’ve received the cake and you’re happy with it. I’ll also provide you with cutting guides and storage/allergen information. Cakes and cupcakes, and anything else that needs to be kept flat, should always be placed in the boot of a car, flat, where nothing could roll into or onto them. If you have a non-slip mat, put it underneath the cake for extra support. When you need to carry the cake, place your hands either side of the box and reach your hands underneath the board at the bottom so that you’re holding the bottom and sides at the same time. This will help you to balance it, as you need to keep it level. Treats are less delicate and can often just be placed in your lap or on a seat. Take it easy on the road, don’t accelerate or brake harshly, take corners slowly and make sure it’s not too hot in the car. When you arrive home/to your event, the cake needs to be stored at room temperature unless it’s a scorching day. Check out the cake storage FAQ if you’d like more detail!