Spring and Summer Wedding Cake Designs

When it comes to wedding cake designs, most of your thoughts will be based on your own preferences as a couple. If you love purple, it’s likely that you’ll incorporate that into your design. If you love roses, you’re likely to include them somehow in the decorations. However, you might also be thinking about matching your wedding cake design to the season at the time. If responsibly sourced ingredients are important to you, focussing on flavours and fruits that are in season during the Summer will also likely appeal to you, so I’ve put together some of my favourite Spring and Summer wedding cake ideas. I’ll cover flavours, colours and wedding cake design ideas for naked/semi-naked and buttercream/fondant cakes.

Flavour Combinations

Berry Semi-Naked Wedding Cake Design - Hampshire - Love from Lila
Citrus Summer Wedding Cake Design - Surrey - Love from Lila

Starting from the inside, let’s look at some of the flavours that we associate with Summer, and that work best during the warmer months when we tend to eat lighter, less rich foods. Here are some of my favourite Spring and Summer wedding cake flavours:

  • British berries – strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant. Quintessentially British, it’s unusual to find a Summer dessert menu that doesn’t use strawberries! Although less common, but still brilliant, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant also make delicious Summer wedding cake flavours. These can be in the form of a jam or flavoured buttercream, and some bakers will often add these fruits into the batter too, for extra flavour. Berries work best in Summer, when they come into season, but using berry jams in Spring is also a gentle way of including this Summer favourite
  • Citrus fruits – lemon, orange and lime are also popular Summer flavours as they are so bright in colour, and their sharpness is really refreshing. They pair really well with all of the other categories on the list – strawberry and lime, lemon and elderflower, orange and mango! On their own, they suit Spring perfectly, and work as brilliant Summer pairings with other flavours
  • Tropical fruits – reminding people of far flung Summer holidays and exciting cocktails, flavours like passion fruit, mango, pineapple and coconut make great Summer wedding cake They pair really nicely with citrus flavours and add sweetness to citrus’ sharpness
  • Florals – when used sparingly, flavours like rose, lavender, and elderflower are really lovely to enjoy in the sun. After Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018, lemon and elderflower has become a new favourite cake flavour for many, but I personally love lemon and lavender. Florals work well for both Spring and Summer wedding cakes as they are quite mellow
  • Alcohols – it might sound odd to include alcoholic flavours on the list, but think of all those delicious cocktails and you’ll understand why! Some boozy ideas – Champagne/prosecco, Pimm’s, gin, and white rum. Used as a syrup or added to the buttercream, it’s easy to create some extravagant sounding flavours like Pimm’s and lemonade, or mojito
  • My final addition to this list is honey. I think the connection between bees, flowers and Summer makes honey an obvious choice, but is not as commonly used. In Spring and Summer, it pairs well with things like lavender, lemon, and berries

If you need some more flavour inspiration, head over to my flavours page.

Colour Combinations

Once you’ve thought about flavours, you’ll probably move on to thinking about your wedding cake design and the colour scheme you might use:

  • Yellows and oranges – as Spring starts, you’ll often find pastel shades of yellow and orange coming into the design of cakes and flowers. As Summer heats up, flowers like sunflowers, gerbera and zinnias come into season, bringing with them rich golds, yellows and oranges
  • Reds, pinks, purples – like with oranges and yellows, Spring colour schemes tend to start with lilacs, and light pinks, reflected in some of the seasonal flowers like cherry blossom and jasmine. As Summer comes around, flowers like dahlia, roses, sweet peas and gladioli bring gorgeous deep reds into the colour scheme.
Raspberry Pink Semi-Naked Cake - Farnborough, Hampshire - Love from Lila

Naked and Semi-Naked Wedding Cake Designs

Summer Wedding Cake Design with Flowers - Rivervale Barn, Yateley, Farnham, Surrey - Love from Lila

For me, naked and semi-naked cakes are wonderfully suited to Spring and Summer wedding cake designs. Like a homemade Victoria sponge, there’s no excessive icing, and they can be really simply decorated with fresh, seasonal fruits. Some of my favourite naked Spring and Summer wedding cake designs:

  • Keeping it nice and simple, a naked cake decorated with fresh British berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) looks beautiful and works really nicely with a red/pink colour scheme
  • If you’re planning something a little bit more tropical, with bright yellow/orange colour schemes, chunks of pineapple, mango, papaya, passion fruit and coconut would be a really unique take on the naked cake trend
  • Finally, my personal favourite would be a naked cake decorated with a variety of fresh, organically grown edible flowers from Maddocks Farm Organics. With strong yellows, oranges, pinks, reds and foliage, there are lots of possibilities for a floral naked cake that ties in nicely with other floral arrangements in the wedding. Picking large flowers like campanula and roses, you can create statement arrangements on the cake. Using smaller flowers like pansies and violas, combined with fresh fruit, you can also create a more budget friendly floral cake

Buttercream and Fondant Wedding Cake Designs

Buttercream and fondant for Spring and Summer wedding cakes are where colour and decoration create that summery feeling. Here are some of my favourite wedding cake design ideas for the season:

  • Start with a white base cake, then combine bright colours painted, dusted or airbrushed onto the cake, with flowers to match. Any skilled sugar flower maker will be able to create flowers like lilies, alstroemeria, and birds of paradise which they can combine with foliage and berries to create bright arrangements
  • Go for a tropical vibe with an edible print. There are some amazing, bright and colourful tropical flower prints which your wedding cake maker can have printed on edible paper. Complement that with a few sugar flowers and some monstera leaves
  • As buttercream is soft when you apply it to the cake, there are some really interesting effects that you can achieve by blending different colours of buttercream together, giving it a painted effect. Combined with colourful decorations like fresh edible flowers, you can go really modern and summery with it!
Illustrated Print Wedding Cake - Spring Wedding Cake Design - Love from Lila

Spring and Summer are my two favourite seasons when it comes to cakes! There’s an abundance of fresh fruit which inspires some lovely flavours inside the cake, and the bright sunlight you get in the Summer months almost forces you to bring bright yellows, oranges, reds and pinks into your wedding cake design. While you’re brainstorming ideas, I hope this article has inspired a few fun Summer wedding cake ideas. Good luck and happy planning!

With love from lila xx