The Beautiful Spirit Lake in Dorking: Outdoor Orange and Teal Wedding Ideas

This shoot was all about being madly in love – carefree and enjoying every moment. And that was the key to some of the most beautiful shots I’ve ever seen, even as the weather changed from warm and sunny to drizzly with a chance of rainbow! We were lucky to have the most gorgeous couple who were getting ready for their own wedding; Ysabella and Alex, and they definitely brought that energy.


Spirit Lake is an absolutely beautiful venue with a couple of different spaces that would make for really romantic spots for taking couple shots on the day, hosting elements of your wedding or even have a celebrant-led ceremony. It was my first time at the venue so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it didn’t disappoint! It truly is a really unique Surrey wedding venue.


If you look very closely at the GIF, you’ll see the rain gently falling on the lake. Romantic, right?

Married Couple Twirling and Dancing in Front of a Wooden Arch

The Venue

Married Couple Standing in Forest

It started with a driveway through lush green fields. As you approach the main house and park up, it doesn’t necessarily look like a wedding venue. But you do immediately feel the calmness of being surrounded by nature. As I made my way passed the main house, I came to the annex where Ysabella was doing her ‘bridal prep’. On shoot days like this, it often feels like there’s a lot of waiting around, because there sort of is! As suppliers we tend to stay all day to make sure we get great shots and help out in general. That’s obviously quite different from a real wedding where we would deliver our work and leave the venue to it. So you do spend a lot of time with other suppliers on shoot days getting to know one another and lending a hand. The first suppliers I met on the day were our lovely couple and Rosie, our HMUA. Alex, our groom greeted me with boxes of sausage rolls and cocktail sausages – very much appreciated and welcoming!


To get down to the lake, you have to take a walk through the most romantic forest, complete with a circular clearing that would make a lovely ceremony spot. Then on through the beautiful open field towards the lake.

The Lake

Set up at the lake, we had the most amazing hexagonal wooden arch with a boho macrame hanging from Wilderness Prop Hire. Zuzanna from Bloomantic then added 2 beautiful arrangements on the arch full of eucalyptus, roses and strawflowers. The colour theme for the day was pops of teal and orange colour, but otherwise keeping it quite neutral. These arrangements of course mirrored the bride’s bouquet, as well as the larger arrangement on the campervan, and the smaller accent arrangements on the bride’s hat and groom’s buttonhole, and some of the flowers can also be seen in the detail shots. On the sustainability front, Zuzanna also kept many of the fresh flowers so that she could dry them for use another day – big thumbs up from me!


Next to the lake was also our little cake ‘table’ and the most amazing cream campervan from Buttercup Bus. It really is such fun spending shoot days with other suppliers because you have some really interesting conversations, get to know people, their businesses and even share business ideas. You also get to watch other suppliers work and see how they work. Sometimes you work with suppliers who you think, they were nice, but I’m not sure we run our businesses in the same way. And that’s ok, different strokes for different folks and all that! But the lovely Nat at Buttercup Bus is an example of someone I’d consider to be a brilliant supplier. She was constantly polishing and tending to the bus to make sure it was photo ready which sounds like such a small thing, but she honestly looked after that bus so well. Talking to her, you can also tell that she looks after her couples that well too, which is really reassuring.

Married Couple Hugging in Front of Lake

The Cake

1 Tier Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with Orange Decorations

And onto the cake. I wanted to keep the cake quite natural given we were in such a nature filled venue, but I also wanted it to feel luxurious. And that’s actually what happens with lots of my wedding cakes in Surrey – we have such beautiful countryside, it feels like something we should embrace not ignore! I also wanted to make it quite luxurious because when couples have smaller 1 tier cakes, it often feels like you have to keep the decoration quite simple as it can feel a bit overloaded if there’s too much detail. But I think I found the perfect balance. This cake honestly is one of the best wedding cakes in Surrey that I’ve done and I use it so often to show couples what you can do with quite a simple yet luxurious, nature inspired design.

This is a dummy cake, but for a normal wedding cake, would of course be my usual 4 layered sponge. You could then either have it decorated with a semi-naked British buttercream or a Swiss meringue buttercream (which tastes quite subtly, but feels like whipped cream). On top was a caramel drip, torched meringue with fresh seasonal fruits (redcurrants and blackberries) as well as some dried orange slices and dried orange strawflowers.

As small wedding cakes in Surrey go, what do you think? Yay or nay?

The Team

Some of the final details that I haven’t mentioned yet were the stationery and dress, as well as the brilliant photography and videography team. I can’t say much more than they were beautiful and fitted in perfectly with the shoot. And Heather and Hanh, our photographer and videographer were both such lovely humans, it was amazing to be able to work with them. They have such relaxing presences, they really bring out the romance in others. In fact, I was so impressed by Heather’s work – we picked her to be our wedding photographer. So watch this space!

Photographer: Heather Sham Photography
Videographer: Hanhmadefilms
Venue: Spirit Lake, Surrey Hills
Campervan: Buttercup Bus
Hair & Makeup Artist: Rosie Hart
Flowers: Bloomantic
Dress: Poppy Perspective
Stationery: Ink & Paper
Props: Wilderness Prop Hire
Cake: Love from Lila
Couple: Ysabella & Alex
Suit Jacket: Boohoo Man

Hair and Make-Up Artist Spraying Hairspray on Bride
Orange and Teal Wedding Stationery - Dorking Wedding Venues
Wedding Videographer Filming Stationery on a Crate
Floral Arrangement on Front of Vintage Campervan

If you’re looking for a relaxed, boho, natural wedding cakes in Surrey, I’d absolutely love to help you. I work across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, London and Sussex, so am able to deliver to a huge range of venues! I have a very laidback approach and will always be honest with you about pricing and what’s achievable, so if you’re looking for gorgeous wedding cakes in Surrey and Hampshire, I’m your woman! Best of luck with your wedding planning, I’m here if you need me.


With love from lila xx